view tour activity

This page explains how to view and manage reports on visitor activity on your tour.

1. Click on the Statistics (AKA Tour Activity Report) icon to open that page.

11-Statistics-Tour Activity Report-no activity

2. When your tour is first published, the Statisitics page will not reflect visitor activity on the tour.

3. Not long after publishing your tour, the Statisitics page will begin to reflect activity as visitors come to the tour. 

Note that your visits to the tour you publish will not be recorded in the Tour Activity Report, as long as you remain logged into your Realty Pixel account while visiting your tour. Since your activity is not recorded, data appearing in your Tour Activity Report will more accurately reflect the number of visitors tours to your tour.

Please contact us if you wish to have data in your Tour Activity Report reset to zero. Note that resetting visitor activity data to zero cannot be reversed.

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