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This page provides an overview of your tour-management tools. 

For details about managing your virtual tours, refer to other pages under the How-to menu.

6-My tours screen

1. The “my tours” page is the first screen you’ll see after you log in to your account. 

Each of your tours has its own main menu page as shown below. The first slide or photo of a given tour is an icon that, when clicked upon, leads you to the listing’s main menu. Click on the icon to reach the main menu.

Your tours are searchable by ID#, tour name, or street address.

2. This is your tour’s main menu page. Each icon takes you to a particular function:

* Downloads: To download files of photos in batches or individually

* Tour Links: Branded and unbranded versions of your tour

* Video: To request a downloadable version of your tour (fee applies)

* Statistics: To examine and analyze visitor data for your tour

* Flyer: This feature is under construction. See Services for our customized flyers.

* Edit Tour: This feature is under construction.

3. Use the Download Center to access large and small sized photos used in your tour. You can download all the files all at once in a single zip file, or download photos individually.

9-Tour Links screen

4. Tour Links provides all the links you need for your tour:

* Branded with your name, contact information, company logo, and photo

* Unbranded for MLS and IDX systems

* Simple Layout Tour provides a basic tour with no branding or links.

* Gallery for viewing tour content in a gallery format

* Custom Links for creating customized tour content of your choice

This page also provides for downloading your tour for offline viewing through your browser.

5. Video Tour submits a request to export your tour in video format for viewing on YouTube and similar social media. This feature is optional; fee applies.

11.5-Tour Activity Report full page

6. Statistics (AKA Tour Activity Report) provide you and your client with visitor activity information by email.

7. Flyer: This feature is under construction and thus is not currently available. Please see Services for our custom flyers.

8. Edit Tour: This feature is under construction and thus is not currently available.

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